Creating Posts on your Google My Business page

I just noticed today the ability for users to post text content and images to their Google My Business (GMB) page. This could be a great way to add call-to-actions to convert more local shoppers searching Google into leads and buyers. The post content will appear in both Google Search local business’s knowledge panel and in the Google Maps app on Smartphones as well.

I logged into Google My Business for one of the many flooring store customers that I manage and then added a post which immediately appeared in the local store’s Knowledge Panel in the Google search results, see below:

Google My Business local store knowledge panel

See it here: Olson Rug & Flooring Naperville, IL

When you click any where on the post a popup window displays the post content to the user, see below…

GMB popup post

Note: for this test I did not add a Call to Action, such as Learn More, Buy, Sign Up, etc. button.

Here is another flooring store where I added a “Learn more” call-to-action which takes the user directly to their in-stock flooring specials. Here is how it appears on a Smartphone – pretty awesome!!

payless floors on smartphone

I noticed on my iPhone 7 using the “Google Maps app” the posts appear there. Also, going from the Local 3 Pack in Google search to the Google Maps desktop I see the posts for the stores. But… if I click on the “map inside the Knowledge Panel” the posts do not appear for me in Google Maps desktop.

post on Google My Business


The above shows on an iPhone 6 click on the “POST” in the blue header menu to view the posts and share them on social media sites.

See below on how to create a Google My Business user post…

Google My Business user posts

Note: It appears the ‘image size’ should not exceed 750 pixels wide by 750 pixels high. The cropping tool at this times doesn’t allow for images to be any bigger than that. For example:

Google My Business post image cropping

Creating a Google My Business post is very simple to do and may become another marketing tool to help small businesses attract more local shoppers on Google Search and Google Maps. Time will tell how effective posts may be as Google continues to tweak and improve on adding posts and where they will appear.

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