Positive Customer Reviews Generates Leads

Most storeowners and small businesses don’t realize how important getting high quality, positive customer reviews means to their business. Consumers today are looking for online reviews for almost everything before they buy, and they are doing it on their smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs from everywhere.

Google 3 Local PackThe above example is referred to as the Google Local Pack where only 3 businesses are listed in the search results. There is one local store above that really stands out and probably would get almost all the local shopper clicks. Unfortunately, the other two stores probably have no idea how many leads they are missing out on.

Google has even stated online that positive reviews can help generate leads and improves your business’s visibility – see below:

Every storeowner should be asking their customers for their email address and/or mobile phone number to politely encourage your customers to leave you a review and give you valuable feedback about your products and services.

In future posts I will discuss ways to help storeowners request customers to leave reviews online.