What Is Localibility?

Localibility.com is meant to help local businesses understand how to improve their online visibility to their local customers and what the best options are based on different factors.  Although through Webstream Dynamics we do offer local biz services that is not the intent of Localibility.com to push our services on anyone.

Instead, the intent here is to try to give honest answers, ideas and strategies for local businesses so you can decide how to use this knowledge to generate more leads.  I mention leads because your goal online should be focused on converting online local consumers looking for your products and services into new leads. Otherwise, why do this at all?

Although many SEO companies talk about getting you more visitors the real metric you should be looking at is getting more qualified leads to your business not visitors. This is what I call Localibility, your ability to generate more online local leads to your business through your digital marketing strategies.

Feel free to post your comments and feedback or send an email to me directly.